A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place

Posted by Ashwini Ramanisankar on

My dear aspiring organizers out there, I started wondering why my room gets messy, or my laundry basket overflows or random things are lying around everywhere while some people I know have it neat and clean all the time. It made me think and then it hit me, that it was quite simple. They had a place for everything to go back to! It stems from the 5S principle of organizing -" A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING AND EVERYTHING IN ITS PLACE". Simple, Classic and smart move!

Now that we know the formula, its time for some action. So where do I miss out on this formula? The first key thing is having unused extra things or old things or just in case things.These clutter up and if when you buy new things and still keep the old ones -you will not have place for everything. So, DECLUTTER! The next most obvious is that certain things don't have a place to go back to! Its time to find them a home, like my sister says!

  • So clothes, need specific drawers or at least a bin for each item. Sometimes even amazon boxes neatly cut would work. You need not even fold them, just getting them to their allocated home would make your room clean and tidy. And of course a neat dresser would be great too!
  • All your electronic wires, chargers, memory cards, accessories and everything can go into a couple of boxes or a drawer. And there can be a bin for all the extra wires.
  • With regards to kitchen things, they can be sorted and arranged in boxes or drawers according to their usage like baking, breakfast toppings etc. So you get all the things used together in a cluster which makes it easy for clear up and less mess. Also clever usage of your cabinet spaces to arrange things most frequently used in handy places would be a great time saver as well! Mug holders, Pan holders, lid holders, easy drawer segregators and snack boxes would all be a great help to give everything a home. 
  • For your mud room, a place for your socks, keys, gloves, caps,sunglasses etc would be a great addition. Small bins or a closed door shoe cabinet or wall mounted hanger with shelf places would help you getting in and out of your house easy and non stressful.

These are a few examples and you can work along the same lines with any room or area. You can either choose to reuse things at your disposal or splurge and buy some organizers to get you going! A tiny twig of help in the form of organizers would go a long way in keeping your everyday happy! 

Happy Organizing!