Aspiring Organizers

Posted by Ashwini Ramanisankar on

Organising an Art or Skill? 
All you guys out there reading this would generally fall into two broad categories, the organizers or the aspiring organizers. I am sure no one would love to be disorganized all the time. Though they may exhibit a sense of pride in being disorganized and externally act so, deep down all of us would have come across moments where we would be screaming to ourselves- damn I could be a bit more organized so I could have saved time instead of searching for my bill or could have packed better and not shopping and wasting my time in a new place. Hence all aspiring organizers this for you! I very much fall under the above category and this is my story.
I for one feel,
  • If I am bit more organized with my clothes and closet and laundry I would save atleast half hour in my normal day in choosing my clothes and also look nice by finding the right clothes for the right occasion. Being Minimal, hmm thats a bit down the road for me!
  • If I am bit organized with my headphones and chargers for my phone, tablet and laptop I could save a good 15 mins in hunting them down from every room each time I need it charged. I am thinking about keeping them all in one place and charge them exclusively there and also away from my bedhead too!(cause of the new research that i read about wifi and phone signals warning the brain) Why keep it near when we can keep it a bit far way.Would also help to switch off the alarm and wake up:)
  • If I am a bit organized with my books, I can find them when I want them and be reading a lot more. 
  • If I am a bit more organized in my kitchen, I could shop better and save money on groceries, get the right food cooked and not waste the ingredients and the whole family can have a healthy meal!
And the list goes on…And I found a passion of searching for the right tools to help me in this journey and of course I started with amazon. I found many many organizers big and small for different uses.I ordered some, put some in my wish list and try to use what I have with some brainstorming. The love for this started and I slowly leaned towards creating a place for all this and thus was born, a destination for all organizing tools that helps make life easy!
Launching Soon! Leave your email in the comments and I will send you the password for a sneak peek.