Organizing a Home with a Toddler

Posted by Ashwini Ramanisankar on

I am sure most of you would agree when I say that there was a big shift in the way I tidied up or put things back when my son arrived! With the new member in the family, time becomes a bit scarce and the clean up process we usually follow takes a turn. Some people are able to still keep their previous routine of cleaning by either waking up early or sleeping late or with help from parents or family. Hats off to them! But for people who cant welcome to the club and let me show you how I got about a hang of things right from when my son arrived till up to the point of him turning two!

In the initial months, there is not much of a change except that there are additional clothes to be arranged and some extra toy materials or a crib or pack and play involved. it does take up some space but still can be managed as the baby does not create extra mess. A this point some storage cubes to put in the rattles and teething toys, a cute small sized laundry basket for baby clothes, a diaper pail if necessary, a diaper caddy to keep all the wipes, diaper and creams together and some drawer inserts for separating different clothing items, socks, mittens etc would suffice.

This goes on for a while, till the point they turn 6 months. And of course if you are using feeding bottles you would need a whole set of accessories to help you there. A drying rack for bottles, a separate cabinet space or a drawer for all baby spoons and cups and other accessories. Then comes the food containers with numerous lids which might need separate containers to hold the lids and cups and bottles separately.

Meanwhile their clothes and toys keeps increasing! At this point I bought a ottoman that has storage space and also acts as a bench for seating 2 people and also set well with my decor. I put in all the toys and lo and behold my living room would be clean in under 5 minutes. I also used storage cubes inside the ottoman to sort different set of toys.

A play mat would also help to keep all the bigger toys together and create an ambience that would go well with living area and scream there is a baby in the home! As regards the clothing, I got a set of drawers that could house all his shirts in one, pants in another, pjs in another etc. This way even if I don't fold them I was able to put them all in one place and find them when I needed them.

A sock box and glove and mitten box near the entryway also helps reduce chaos and find things easily. And lastly, decluttering every so often as they outgrow clothes and toys quickly would help keep your space tidy!

These are some ideas I used and would be happy to hear what you did to keep your home clean with a toddler!


Photo by Jose Ibarra on Unsplash