WebCam Shutter Cover (Pack of 4)

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Keep hearing about the hacking of cameras on your personal electronics through the webcam? Seriously these incidents have increased a lot and its time we protect ourselves. But it is indeed very difficult to manage with ripping stickers or tape everytime from your webcam and also damaging the resolution in the process. Welcome to the easy quick glide in glide out Webcam cover option that makes your life easy and protects your privacy. A must-have in your electronic collection!


  • Easy Slide in slide out option and does not interfere the webcam
  • Design to fit your webcam perfectly for your phone, laptop & tablet
  • PIck a couple of these for your family and make it easy to secure your privacy by sliding off
  • Dimensions:18.5*9*0.7mm/0.73*0.35*0.03